Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hawaii Baby!

I can seriously say our son went to hawaii before the age of 2 months! I AM SO GLAD I GOT TO EXPERIENCE OUR FIRST FAMILY VACATION IN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE! We left for Oahu (north shore) to the Turtle Bay Resport Condos on a saturday and stayed overnight in Portland with my brother and sister in law! The plane ride to Portland was Carter's first time flying! HE DID SO WELL!!!! i was seriously anxious over the flights there but i was shocked they went SO well!

We spent valentines day on the beach and watching a surfing contest! My husband and my dad planned a special dinner at OPA the place in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where they ate outside with both couples.. it was so fancy and incredible!! There is a cove that this place is located in and we went to dinner early to take pictures!!!

We actually snorkeled in this cove a day before this picture was taken! i freaked.. i hate being in water where you cant see to the bottom! I SWORE A SHARK WAS GOING TO EAT ME! lol

Carter absolutely LOVED the weather in Hawaii... he was such a good boy! he relaxed all day and napped when we ate and woke up every morning and layed in the sun on his sheepy!!! My parents hadnt seen his morning smiles so they enjoyed getting to wake up to those big blue eyes and a baby full of smiles!

This was while we were watching surfers from the beach! This time of year the waves and currents are super dangerous and the beaches all had red flags on them warning tourists not to get into the water if they didnt know how to handle the waves! THOSE FLAGS WERE THERE FOR TOURISTS LIKE ME! haha

The reason we actually went to Hawaii was to go to a beautiful wedding! my girlfriend ashley who ive known since we were 14 tied the knot with Mike Iupati.. who plays for the sanfransico 49ers! lets just say my dad was in heaven going around at the reception talking to the other players as well as using carter as a way to get a picture with most of them! haha ohhhh man.. this picture is of carter bug on the way to the wedding! we dressed him in traditional relaxed hawaiian flower shirt and khaki shorts! HE WAS A HIT LET ME TELL YOU! he was loved on so much he was exhuasted by the time we got in the car to head home!!!

This is my handsome husband who (recently i suggested he cut his hair and he did!!!!! THANK GOD!!!) i mean hes handsome no matter what but i love the clean look! OMG LOOK AT THE PALM TREES I WANT TO GO BACK SO BAD!!!

We did so many fun things while in Hawaii i would absolutely love to visit again! We ate at Dukes in Honolulu.. Snorkeled in shark cove.. (WHICH I WAS FREAKED OUT ABOUT BUT IT WAS SO AMAZING) a hike through this beautiful valley to a huge waterfall justin and my dad swam in, and ate world famous food!!! If you havent been to hawaii you HAVE to go and have a shave ice!!!

On our way home i was seriously worried about Carter adjusting back to Boise time and how horrible it was going to be for me and jus!! AGAIN HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO ADJUST!!! i was so happy with the way carter loved his time in hawaii and how happy it made me to see him enjoy the time we had as a family and the memories we made!

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